Monday, January 3, 2011

World of Harry Potter (some blurry) Pics

On our way to Universal!

Hogwarts, here we come... or so we thought!

It went from daylight to darkness before we could get in. Welcome to Hogsmeade!

Outside of Olivanders... the only thing we didn't wait in line for. Because I was out numbered.

Walking into Hogwarts for the "Forbidden Journey" ride. Wait time was 90 mins, yes waited in line 90 more minutes. And the ride even broke down while we were waiting... but it was worth the wait. Heads up for the future: if you get motion sick, this ride is not for you. Even Michael felt queezy. But walking through Hogwarts before getting on the ride is AMAZING, talking pictures and all! Didn't have my camera though because you're not allowed bags inside.

I was pumped to go inside of Honeydukes! I was good though... didn't buy any candy.

Downtown Hogsmeade

I know it's dark, so if you can't tell... it's the Hogwarts Express!

We contemplated getting some Butterbeer on the way out... but it's a cold drink and considering I couldn't feel my fingertips, we passed. We'll get it next time!

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  1. Well I need to make a trip to Orlando to see this... one day... maybe when the lines are not near as long!