Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Travel Plans

So today I was in total planning mode. Probably because I'm really excited about getting to go back to Atlanta at the end of February. I miss my family, my friends, the restaurants and the nightlife A Lot. BUT I have to say, I'm really adjusting/loving Florida. The weather spoils you so quickly so THAT my friends, is the only thing I'm not missing in Atlanta. Especially with the frigid temps and snow it's been getting.

Any who. After Atlanta pre-planning, I got to planning pretty much the rest of my travel year. Typical for me, I don't travel without my planner, and can get carried away with planning the rest of my life. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for wanting to leave the house when I don't have to because with Michael's profession we have a minimum of 29 races a year, which equals 29 cities to travel to, 29 hotel rooms, and 29 roundtrip flights. BUT with that said, usually it's just in and out for the race and I don't get to see much. So this is what my year is looking like so far:

In May, we have the Vegas Supercross which I always make a trip out of. It's become one of my most favorite cities. But only for a few days. Then it just gets too much for a person to handle. We'll be there for 4 nights. I'm sure I'll blog closer to date about the shows and restaurants I'll be looking forward to going to. I haven't done enough research just yet.

In June I think I'm going to take Michael to Miami for his birthday. We have friends that live there so looking forward to going and hanging out at the beach! I hear some of the beaches are interesting for people watching which I know I'll love.

Then come the end of July the whole famdamily (mom, pop, bro and hubby) are going to Switzerland to visit my aunts and cousins. Looking forward to that because Michael has only met 1 of my aunts and cousins on my mommy's side.

In September we will be going on our honeymoon to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Destination is still to be decided but it's either going to be Hawaii or the Caribbean, I know that much. We could have done it sooner but I figured saving it for our 1 year is perfect.

November we get to go to Hilton Head for my cousin Vince's wedding on 11-11-11! So excited for him and his fiance. I've only met her once but she seems really sweet and a lot of fun! We are really looking forward to that. I love HHI, just hoping it's not going to be to cold!

And what I decided on the spur of the moment, literally with no thought involved, I booked a 4 night getaway to Puerto Rico in December. Don't ask why - well, actually I can tell you why - I was on when a little box scrolled by with a gorgeous looking hotel so I clicked on it. Saw it was Puerto Rico, picked a weekend, checked the rate and booked it. No thought behind it just did it. I used my mom's discount for our room so it is SUPER cheap and if we use miles to buy our plane tickets... well, it'll be one the cheapest trips ever! Here's the hotel. Wonder how Michael's gonna feel about that?

It's a lot to fit into one year, I know, but with a little bit of baby fever I've decided that I have so much I want to do with Michael before it's not just us for the next 18 or so years.

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