Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 Day Blog Challege: Day 27

Day 27: Our Pets

I don't think I could take enough pictures of our dogs. Personally, Michael and I think they are the absolute most adorable irreplaceable dogs in the world. It's crazy how much we love them and how happy they make us. Like seriously. It's ridiculous. You probably noticed that though because I've referenced them a million times previously.

Nina (the black one) is our little baby girl. She just turned 4. She's a daddy's girl and is the more playful of the two. Zeus or "The Zeus" as his collar says is our big, strong, Very Lazy boy. He barks with his mouth closed and sleeps 20 hours of the day. He is definitely momma's little boy. Zeus will be 6 (oh em gee) on the 31st. His chinny chin chin is already all white :(

They really love each other. Since Nina grew up with Zeus she pretty much can't live without him... she even cries if he's way under the covers in bed and she's on top and can't find him. He, on the other hand, could probably live without her.

Nina's morning ritual is to wake Daddy up for potty by holding his head down with her paws and licking him to death.

This is a normal thing. Catching Zeus is funny positions asleep. He's so damn cute.

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  1. I completely understand your love for your dogs! I'm the same way!