Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dye Job

I've had the itch to color my hair for oooh... 3 years maybe? Once we got engaged I stopped coloring my hair so it would be it's natural color and healthy for the wedding but now that we're married I'm ready to go back to damaged hair. Yeah, think so.

Since watching the new season of Idol, I've kind of become obsessed with Jennifer Lopez and her fabulous hair. I'm pretty much wanting her hair color. What do you guys think? And don't worry, you're opinions won't hurt my feelings. It's pretty much 10-1 with the 1 being me, the only person pro-dying my hair.


  1. I think her hair is gorgeous and would look awesome with your skin! Do it!

  2. I am with Julie!!! Do it! I love it!
    I have an itch too... I am thinking red or something crazy!

  3. I think it would look awesome! And if it didn't you could always re-dye it-- that's the beauty of committing to damaged hair lol.