Monday, January 3, 2011

Venting, getting personal and being informative.

Ok. So I'm sure a lot of women out there talk about getting breast implants or want them. Seems like a pretty awesome thing right? It can be. Once I was of legal silicone age, I buckled and got bigger boobs. It's not a secret, I'm not ashamed to admit it... it's pretty obvious considering I was flat-chested intil the day I turned 22.

Do I love having them? Most of the time.

Do I have regrets? Sometimes.

Why sometimes, you ask? Here's an example:

I'm sick as a dog stuck on the couch today and the UPS man rings the doorbell. YAY! Presents! So, I open up my box from Nordstrom expecting to put my new tank-top on and love it! But... once it's on... yep, I hate it.

Once again, I dismissed the fact my chest doesn't look anything remotely like the chest on the model wearing the top. It's officially another let down because of bigger boobs. Desperate to make it work, I even tried pulling a scarf out of my closet to accessorize/distract from the obvious (that my 34D's were popping out) and tried to make it work. But it was a most definite fail.

So sometimes ladies, all of you out there wishing your cup size was bigger, they aren't always that great and they won't always make you happier. They limit what you can wear, sometimes make you feel pregnant and/or smutty and can just be a big pain in the bootay. Just something to think about.

Don't get me wrong... am I way happier in a bathing suit now? Hell yea. But how often is that? Not as often as when I just want to be cute and casual.

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  1. Love how candid you are...
    I was blessed/ cursed with them- real ones that is, and I wish that I was a 34D. Seriously- being candid here... I am at a 34DDD. While my husband loves it, I hate some of the clothes that are so cute because I know that they will not even look good at all. Or I look "smutty" in a cute low cut top.
    I mean what will happen once I get preggers? OR WORSE- afterwards...
    I am thinkng reduction over here!

    Thank you for the advice on meal planning- please share any other tips with me! Since we both work it is hard to get home to cook for an hour!