Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayers in Toowoomba

So many of you don't know this, but where all the flooding is going on in Australia (Toowoomba, QLD) is where my husband's family and friends live :(
This picture was taken by our best friend Damo from the lot of his car dealership. So many people, including people we know, have lost so much. It is so devastating.

Thankfully those nearest and dearest to us are okay. Michael's mom and dad are safe and so are our friends... just very soggy. Obviously though, business is at a hault for Damo's family dealership... and the grocery store Michael's mom works at in under 3-4 feet of water.

Mother nature sure does know how to do damage, doesn't she? All the while... my mom and dad are dealing with inches of snow in Georgia and have been stuck in their house for going on 2 days now too!

Just praying everyone stays put and stays safe until this crazy weather is gone!

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