Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 Day Blog Challege: Day 22

Day 22: My Favorite City

Hmmm... this one is a toughy. So many awesome places to choose from... I'm going to have to be biased though and say A-T-L-HO! Good shopping, GREAT restaurants, places to go, things to do, a big airport, celeb sightings all the time, you get all the newest and greatest rap and r&b before anyone else, but most importantly amazing people! southern hospitality! and Chic-fil-a's everywhere! Yes, currently going through Chic-fil-a withdrawals. There isn't a delicious chicken biscuit for a good 30 minutes from our house now. Is that even legal?!

I've never been to NYC but if I had, it probably would have been a good contender, but considering I'm still a NYC virgin it can't be my favorite city.

Obviously if we're talking sports-city, nothing beats Pittsburgh. Duh! Home of MY Steelers (the all-time greatest and winningest football team EVER) and Pittsburgh Penguins. It also holds some things near and dear to my heart like the New Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, Papa Dukes, and a fantastic assortment of fine Italian pastries and cookies. And my family, double duh! Buuuttt... it snows. Alot. So that right there is 3 strikes.

I decided not to include a real vacation destination because I have to save that one for tomorrow!

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