Thursday, January 13, 2011

I need to get out more...

Since we've moved to Florida and I know all of 5 people here, I've found I'm watching a lot more TV than I ever have. And I'm worried my taste in TV is beginning to kill brain cells.

To save face I call them my "guilty pleasures." For instance, as I type I'm sucked into Jersey Shore. I'm kind of a late bloomer watching it though, I didn't start until this new season so I'm 2 episodes in. Still getting acclimated with all their GTL's, t-shirt times and such. It's one of those train wrecks you just can't help but watch but you feel bad/stupid for doing so.

How can you just not laugh at Snookie? She's just so weird! LOL

Before Jersey Shore tonight I got to see the newest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I haven't been that big into Real Housewives, I watched Atlanta just because it was Atlanta, but I started watching Beverly Hills because I met Taylor before in Vegas. She's friends with some of my best friends and even though I don't know her... I just have to watch. So far, the season has been really entertaining. Lots of drama that keeps me sucked in. And I get to drool over their homes, clothes, shoes, fab restaurants they eat in and perfect plastic bodies. Poor Camille, everyone bashes her but for some reason, and it could quite possibly be because she's another one of those train wrecks, I'm really drawn to her and intrigued. And Lisa and Giggy could quite possibly be the two cutest things on TV so that's another reason I watch. She cracks me up.

Another new show I've been watching is a BET sitcom called "The Game." I'm still trying to decide if I'm in love with it or not so we'll see. But it's definitely not getting nominated for any Golden Globes anytime soon I can tell you that.

Then there's always the Bachelor. It's borderline trash TV these days because the girls are just getting crazy ridiculous. Initially I liked Michelle, and Emily was coming in a close 2nd. But after this weeks episode, Michael and I both are team Emily. She's seems like such a sweetheart and the officiant that married Michael and I is close with the Hendricks, so I'm pulling for her because of our 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon.


  1. I'm addicted to the housewives. Bravo has had me hooked on that for a while. This can feed your addiction. I didn't really like Camille then I watched this.

    And then Kelsey really gets to me in this one. He seems to have no remorse. I'm never watching Fraiser again.

  2. Just watched both! I just knew deep down she really wasn't the psycho they make her out to be! And Kelsey... screw him. I agree with Camille, he got someone pregnant while they were still married. There's not "class" in that. She has every right to be a bitter person LOL!