Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coming up for air

Since our return from Paris, it kinda feels like Michael and I have been going like the energizer bunny and just now starting to slow down. It's pretty scary as an athlete to have surgery done by a stranger you have no relationship and no trust in. So since we've been home, other than a fantastic weekend in Atlanta with my family for Thanksgiving, it's been all about making sure the surgeon in France did a good job.

We went to Jacksonville to see the team doctor and have x-rays done and that doc said everything was all good. Then earlier this week we were able to see a hand specialist in Orlando, thanks to our friend Fritz who got us in, and that doc (who spoke French and was able to actually read MB's post-op report) said we were in the clear and that yes, the surgeon did a good job. It's a frightening thing when the doctors and nurses in France because of the language barrier are saying "hopefully you will be able to ride again" and stuff. Maybe they didn't understand the level of competition Michael races in. Maybe they didn't mean to keep saying it like that. But we pretty much took it as a possible career ender which was the scariest/stressful/nightmare-ish thing that could ever happen. Now knowing Michael's going to be ALL GOOD is such a relief.

Now everything is all about the holidays! And we have to much to look forward too! This coming weekend I get to go home for a Christmas dinner with all my girls and I can't wait to see them! After I get back to Florida I'll be getting our house ready for my parents and brother to head down for Christmas. SO happy they finally get to see our new place. We've got a trip planned for Islands of Adventure and Animal Kingdom too so can't wait for that! AND THEN as if it couldn't get any better my BFF Heather and her boyfriend Caleb are going to head down for a little NYE party. ♥ ♥ Things were going pretty crappy for a while but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Christmas shopping is pretty much all done. One of the coolest things was wrapping presents for Michael's side of the family because he has 6 nieces and nephews and I actually get to write "from Aunt Dani" on the gifts now! haha It's the little things....

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