Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Brinks

Everyone meet Brinks and witness in my pathetic attempt to convince Michael that I NEED a big dog. I love my little chi-chis but I can't rough-house with them. And they tire after we walk one block. And I'm home alone a lot during the day. And, And, And... With Brinks by my side we'd have no worries now would we.

Shame. I've already named my imaginary rottie.

I don't even really want a rottie. I'd much rather get a bernese mountain dog or a great dane but Michael loves rottweilers so I'm trying to meet in the middle.

We'll see where my begging and pleading gets me. In the meantime our best friends are out of the country until January so we get to foster their rottie on and off for awhile. Sigh...

☮ Out

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