Saturday, October 16, 2010

I love a good live singer...

I dragged Michael up to Orlando with me on Tuesday for the Sara Bareilles concert at the House of Blues. I saw her in Atlanta last year with some of my girls and all of us were blown away at how amazing she is live. The girl can sing! I was a fan before but after that concert I kind of grew into super fan. Not to mention her stage presence and personality made me wanna be her new BFF. You know those celebrities you see on television doing interviews and you say to yourself, "I could totally be friends with them..." yeah, she's one of those people.

One of my most favoritist songs of her's (and I think everyone elses too) is "Gravity" and my fav part of the song towards the end when she just belts out the most amazing note ever is goosebump worthy. It gives you the chills. Hearing this live is just amazing. It never get's old. My video isn't the clearest but you can kinda get what I'm saying.

Here's a few more pictures too:

Poor Michael, I made him stand in line for over an hour before the concert with me so we could get a good spot because it was general admission and no seats. Thanks for being a good sport babe!

Opening song

Being her rad self.

Highlight of the night was during the encore when she sang "Kaleidoscope Heart"

If you ever have the opportunity to see her in concert, it's worth every penny. Pinky promise.

P.S. As I blog this I'm listening to her music... and I just heard MB quietly singing along in the kitchen. Even he's a fan. But don't tell.

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