Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The DIY in Me

This is basically a bragging post on myself. hehe. (Get ready for photo overload.)

One of the major headaches of a wedding, I think, is choosing the perfect wedding invitation. I really struggled trying to find perfect stationary at the right price. And because "perfect" is hard to come by and everything I loved was way out of my price range (go figure), I took it upon myself to design our own wedding invitations. (Side note: A lot of my decision stemmed from my invitation-envy I got when I received my girlfriend Sheena's invite a year before... she did an amazing job on hers!) I must have designed 5 different invites before I was completely satisfied. I started with striped, evolved to bubbles, and ended up with swirls as my vision for our wedding slowly transformed into a whimsical, romantic wedding theme. Figured I'd share the finished product now that our wedding is over and the invitees have already received them...

I also found some pieces of the bubble invites I did. I was initially inspired by this photo...

Which led me to these invites...

Pretty cute, huh?

Then after the invitations were shipped I got a little carried away with DIYing. And I ended up creating our own guestbook, table number cards, escort wine bottles, seating cards, stickers for our cookie boxes and a sign for the cookie table! Ha! ... I think that's all?

Luckily the photographer was able to capture most of that stuff!

I went with a unique idea for a guestbook... along with our engraved photo frame, we did Madlibs! And I got some pretty interesting submissions! LOL

I made the table numbers match all of the stationary.

My wine bottle idea was a pretty big hit! I used magnum wine bottles instead of individual escort cards. They were placed on a round table so guests just walked around until they found their name and table. A few guests left with their bottles as keepsakes.

When they got to their table inside, this is what their place card looked like.

Of course my family understood why there was a cookie table at our wedding, but majority of our guests didn't so I have a little sign that explain the significance to our ode to Pittsburgh.

And I couldn't find a close-up of the cookie box stickers but they said "Sweet Dreams, Love, Danielle and Michael" on them! :)

I've always had a passion for event planning but finally getting to plan one and be involved in the details of a wedding really helped me turn my dreams/ideas into reality! I've been researching into getting certified in event planning... and hoping some of my friends get hitched soon so I can design their wedding invitations!!


  1. I love love love all of this! Dang girl you are creative!!! I have DIYed a TON as well... I will post pictures in a few weeks- but now I wish I had this post earlier... I totally would have borrowed some ideas!
    Love it!

  2. Dani, you did such a great job! I love all the pictures! Not going to lie...you inspired me to do all my own invitations! :)

  3. Dani, I love your ideas and the wedding looked BEAUTIFUL!