Monday, October 11, 2010

Farewell Bobby

This was my first year being a Braves fan and who knows if I'll be one next year or not... no, I'm not fair-weather I just follow a friend who plays in the ML. But I have to say, rookie fan or not, I got pretty emotional during Bobby Cox's press conference after the game.

He's a pretty cute old man I think! That's just my personal opinion. And I loved to see him get all fired up on a bad call. Old men are notorious for being grumpy so every time I saw him get on an umpire it kind of reminded me of my Papa D'Itri. There are some strange similarities there so maybe that's another reason he warmed up to me pretty quick this year!

Anyways, congrats on a wonderful career Mr. Cox. Apparently you've been a pretty big deal. Mad respect.

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  1. I love your blog!!! Please do more! I was so sad to see Bobby go... being a fan who is marrying a DIE-HARD Brave fan we watch and go to a TON of Braves games!
    Your wedding pictures (that we on facebook) were BEAUTIFUL! You ARE Beautiful!!! Congrats!!! and let me know when you are back in GA- would love to catch up!