Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love story time with pictures!

So, I'm about two weeks behind on posts. Over the next couple days be prepared for blog posts/picture overload. Especially in this one, I couldn't narrow down the pictures for Michael's birthday weekend. Looking back, I can't believe how much stuff we stuffed into one weekend! Yikes!

June 10th we celebrated Michael's 32nd birthday! Like we always say, you're only as old as the woman you're with! (Which would make him 6 years younger :-p) June 10th fell on a Friday this year, which kind of sucks for us to have a birthday on because 99% of the time we're flying on Friday's. So I let Michael open his presents Thursday night after our weekly Thursday-Chicken Parm-Night.

One of Michael's gifts was the new Garmin watch. I'm not into health-techy things, but this watch is pretty cool. Touchscreen, GPS... all the good stuff. I definitely recommend it as a gift for your active special someone. Michael is loving it!

Celebrating with a little Ponte Beverino. Our most favorite favorite red.

So, Friday we flew to Pittsburgh. We fly into PIT twice a year. Once for Highpoint Raceway in June and then for Steel City in September. It has become a tradition that no matter where we are going, we take a 30 min detour and make a pitstop at one of my childhood favorite places, the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe. Michael has grown to tolerate my unhealthy eating habits...

I always order the same thing: 2 hot dogs with sauerkraut, cheese fries, wedding soup and rootbeer. Yes, and I eats it all!

Coincidentally, one of my good friends from growing up Bridget was in town (her parents live about 30 paces from the Hot Dog Shoppe) so she and her husband Chris joined us for lunch!

Eventually we arrive in Morgantown, WV where the race is held. Michael always checks out the track the day before the race while I unpack and usually end up having a drink with my buddy Sheena. We usually would stay and cook some salmon with Brett and Sheena on their RV for dinner but since it was MB's birthday we joined up with friends at a restaurant called Madeline's. If you're in the Morgantown area ever you should check it out. Michael's friends own the place. I've always thoroughly enjoyed myself and their wine selection there.

On our way to dinner.

Thought this was just a cool idea! Wish all restaurants had it so we didn't need to put your utensils on the table!

Saturday always rolls around very early. We usually start our day on the road at 7 am. We get to the track and cook breakfast before Michael's rider's meeting at 8am.

Nick, MB's mechanic, and his bike all ready to go!

Highpoint is always a great track for spectators because you can see almost the whole track!

After the race the fun continued! I was so excited that Sunday morning I got to meet my new baby cousin Hunter James. He is such a cutie! I am so happy for my cousin Beth and her husband Brent on their new bundle of joy!! Can't wait to see him again in September!

Sunday night, after we got home from the airport we had a little birthday party for Michael. Poor thing, he was so tired he only drank 1 beer LOL. But we were all so excited to try my GF birthday cake I whipped up Thursday night before we flew out! I was pretty impressed with myself. It turned out great... the chocolate layer more so than the vanilla. But practice makes perfect!

Note to self: It's probably a smart idea to use the the firework candles outside considering you can't really blow them out.

A peak at the inside of the cake.