Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day for the Dogs

One of the best things about where we live is that we are in prime location to so many great things. Just under and hour to the beach and to Disney/Universal. Just depends on whether we want to head North or South. Last Friday, we decided to pack a cooler and head South to Fort deSoto Dog Beach for the day. It's just south of St. Pete Beach. Zeus and Nina had never been to the beach before so we thought - What the heck!, we had the weekend off from racing might as well spend a little quality time with our babies.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day...

The beach is great for taking your pups. There's plenty of room for lots of pooches importantly so, because this is one of the only leash-free dog beaches around. We were able to put a decent bit of space between Zeus and Nina and the bigger dogs that were there.

Going near the water with Daddy. Keyword: near. LOL We quickly realized they weren't very excited to get into the water. Whenever we would wade out in the water carrying them the second we put them in the water they swam straight to shore.

Nina, our brave little girl, had a little bit of courage but wasn't a big fan when the tide came in.

My little man :-)

Someone always has her eyes on Daddy.

Meanwhile, Mama's boy never strays to far from me.
(My favorite pic of the day BTW)

After a while they did enjoy a little sand under their paws. On a little sprint.

Finally, the hubs and I before we left ♥

Not sure if we will be taking the dogs back to the beach anytime soon. But Michael and I will definitely be exploring Clearwater/St. Petersburg a little more!

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