Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Well, I can definitely say I have really enjoyed the past few weeks.

I had a great trip home to Atlanta to visit my family and friends...
My parent's are AMAZING cooks so we went definitely got spoiled why we were there... spring rolls, fried rice, sausage cranberry pastries.... MMM making my mouth water just thinking about it! Can't wait to see the whole family again in September.

Then, I had my first of many visits in Florida from friends and family.

One of my best girlfriends Nicole came down to visit for a long weekend. It was her first time seeing our new place. We had the ultimate girls weekend. A Britney Spears concert in Orlando (Front Row!), a wine and movie night on the couch, a dinner at Roy's, and a day at the beach finished with cheese fondue. Pretty awesome. I was sad to see her go but so happy see made the trip down!

A few short days after Nicole left, my BFF and her boyfriend Caleb arrived! Their visit was a lot more chill but still so enjoyable. We had a lot of fun doing a low country boil one night which I topped off with a gluten free pineapple upside-down cake for dessert, went to Clearwater for lunch and little sun, and also out to a nice dinner and drinks another night. And even better, Michael took the week off from riding to chill at home with us too!

Easy to say it's been a crazy few weeks. And this afternoon, my Uncle, Aunt and baby cousins fly into Orlando for a Florida family vacation for the week. I say baby cousins, but they really aren't babies any more. Sad. I'm so excited to see them! Can't wait! We're gonna have a lot of fun in Daytona. I'll be commuting to and from because I've take off work so much lately, I'll probably have a lot to catch up on in the office but really wish I could beach bum it with them the whole week.

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