Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wedding Frustration

I wish I could say the wedding was coming together perfectly.

Everything besides having a date set is perfect... including the dress I just bought on Saturday! YIPPEE it's my dream dress! And to my surprise, I actually did have the cheesy bride moment when I teared up in front of the mirror when the consultant put my veil on. ITS THAT GOOD. But I'm slowly realizing that it's pretty much impossible to plan a wedding around a date-less day. We're hoping for September 10, 2010 but until Michael's new motocross schedule is released and we know he'll be racing in the US next year everything is pretty much up in the air. So until then, I'm working out all the small details so when it's go time I'll be ready to start making my visions a reality.

Here's some photos is the latest Elegant Bride magazine that fits what I've been thinking for color scheme and flowers to a tee.

Unfortunately... my mom wasn't as excited for the black and white table cloth as I was... and they say choose your battles... so I had to forfeit immediately.

Calligraphy for my invitations - check. Yellow (my favorite color) rose bouquet - check.

I can't wait for our special day.

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  1. I'm so glad you found a dress that's perfect. I cant wait to see it! Too bad your mom didn't like the black and white tablecloth, I think it's so cute! I'm loving the colors and cant wait to see it all come together. I wish I could be there to help. Miss ya girly! Call me if you need to chat. :)