Monday, October 3, 2011

Isla's First Birthday Photos

So this blog is totally bragging on my girlfriend Megan's super cute and creative ideas and awesome party planning for her little girl Isla's first birthday! Everything was DIY. I totally think Megan could sell her banners on Etsy! Don't you? Michael and I had a blast hanging out with them on Saturday. Isla, aka Smiley, is a precious little sweetheart. Isla really enjoyed her party. She was happy, *Smiley*, and energetic all day! The weather couldn't have been more beautiful either. Usually this time in Florida is still sticky and hot but with a cool night on Friday the weather ended up being perfect... breezy and in the 70's (at least that's how it felt.)

Megan did a great job with all the streamers she had already at the house! She had a couple streamer curtains hung inside and out.

The sweets table was my favorite! Of course. There were cupcake cakepops, GF and regular cupcakes and a smash cake for Miss Isla.

The cupcake cake pops turned out so cute! She used the recipe and cake pop mold that we found here. Love From the Oven is one of my absolute favorite blogs for baking and sweets!

Isla's highchair decorated!

Loved the layered Jell-O in baby food jars! Megan tried to use mostly Eco-friendly stuff other than the streamers.

Happy Birthday to You!

She was little hesistant at first... but then she figured it out. There was a moment when all Isla wanted to do was clap LOL so the icing was flying everywhere.

So cute!

Then came presents time!

The Hostess and I

Got this really cute shot of Isla

And shortly after presents, came nap time! LOL She was such a great little girl and lasted through her whole birthday party!

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