Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another way I manage to spend money...

I am super excited to be blogging about my recent Barnes & Nobles purchase!

As I mentioned a little bit ago, Michael and I get to go to France really soon. And if you've ever been there before you know not all French are that keen on English speaking tourists so I humored myself my buying the Level 1 of French Rosetta Stone. I know I'm not going to learn the language in the whole 10 or so days before we leave but I still want to give it a try. I had been meaning to buy it for awhile considering my mom's whole family speaks French plus the fact I took classes in high school and have all but forgotten "Hi my name is Danielle." Sheesh. These things aren't cheap either! I was planning on buying 1, 2, and 3 together but wasn't willing to pay $550 so I bought level 1 and told myself if I actually really get through it I'll consider paying an arm and a leg for the rest.

And because I probably won't even learn past "Hi my name is Danielle" before we leave I bought a handy dandy little French phrase book to keep in my purse at all times. When we went to Milan last year I had the Italian version and I was pretty impressed with myself at how many times I actually used it and how often it really helped! Especially when we were asking for directions or trying to read dinner menus! So, if you're traveling out of the country I highly suggest you invest in a Frommer's PhraseFinder & Dictionary book!

But MOST importantly!!! I finally got Stephenie Meyers lastest book/novella (whatevs)!!!! I'm hoping The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is just the Twilight fix I need right about now. I know, I know... where have I been? It's been out for forever... well, I was moving, planning a wedding, getting married etc etc and barely had time to sleep let alone read a book. So I will for sure be packing this along with me to France. This and another book because it's probably only going to get me through the plane ride there. Any suggestions for my 10 hours home?

K, gotta get back to cleaning! Angel, the rottie we've been watching, sheds like a mofo!

☮ Out


  1. I've seen them in the store... are they really as good as the show?

  2. Love the Bree Tanner novella! (?) It is a really quick read though, and it will leave you wanting more Twilight!

  3. I am with Julie- I finished the Bree Tanner novella in a few hours- take another book too! I have a Kindle (greatest thing ever, but not the same feeling of turning the pages, smell of old book, etc) and I have been reading all the Classics (and childrens classics too!) BUT now I want to know more about this Vampire Diaries... I am way behind- and JM might think I am a psycho for reading anything else that has to do with a Vampire...Let me know how it all goes!
    I love Edward...