Monday, March 2, 2009

March Madness!

Michael had a good weekend (he doesn't want me to say great because it's apparently not great by his standards) at the Indianapolis SX. He finished 8th in the main event and his wrist is improving a little more every weekend! It was SO cold up there and apparently the cold weather decided to follow us home to Georgia! It was snowing as we came in for landing. The entire property was covered in a blanket of snow when we got home. Nina and Zeus just didn't know what to do! Here are some photos! We got a good 3-4 inches! 

Zeus pranced through the snow.

Luckily though, we had plans to come down to Tampa, Fl and stay with our great friends Chad and Ellie... so we got to enjoy the snow for a day... and left before it got a chance to all melt! The weather Florida is supposed to be beautiful. Whew.

Hope all is well!

Love Always,

Burner and Dani

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